The Handy Hunter X-Country HANDY HUNTER Course

There are 3 classes in this section;

“Open” with jumps of 2’9″ – 3′

“Novice” with jumps of 2’3′ – 2’6″

“Mini HANDY HUNTER”, which may be led, with jumps approx. 1’3″


Hunter classes for all, both large or small

Ridden and working classes for Horse and Pony, finishing with a Hunter Championship.

Hugely popular over the years and always well contended.

Open Hunter – Moore Stevens Challenge Cup

Show Hunter Pony – The Royal Scot Ridden Hunter Trophy

Working Hunter Horse – Rivers-Currie Challenge Cup

Working Hunter Pony – Spooner Challenge Cup

Hunter Championship – Champion Hunter Trophy And Prizes

There is also a parade of the Portman Hunt hounds

Horse and Pony

Hunter classes for all, both large or small

There is also a parade of the Portman Hunt hounds

Best Rider

Family Pony


Handy Pony

Child’s First Ridden

Child Handler Classes

Veteran Horse and Pony

Mountain and Moorland

Lead Rein


Cobs and Cob-types

Show Jumping

Best Turnout and Handy Pony, and Show Jumping (including minimus).

Show jumping classes for lead rein, beginners and the more experienced riders.

A Minimus (1′ 9″) competition is open for all contenders, progressing up to Open novice (2′ 9″).

Clear round show jumping of various heights runs throughout the day.

Comic Dog Show

Numerous classes for all dogs and their owners to enjoy.

The show concludes with a Family Dog Show and an emphasis on humour! For those with or without equine interests, this is a great finale to the days competitions and enjoyment.

Classes include The Prettiest Bitch, The Most Handsome Dog, The Scruffiest Dog and other canine measures. Winners are judged with the utmost professionalism! ish…


A medley of traditional competitions for children who love to horse-around!

Perfect entertainment in Ring 1 for all the family to take part in! For children and their ponies, this is a highlight too. As traditional as it gets, these competitions echo the charm of once familiar country Gymkhanas. Children, their ponies and willing (athletic) parents have a ball!

Potato and bucket races, Egg and spoon races, Trotting (with leading rein and athletic Parent), and of course “The sack race”!

Fancy Dress

A fantastic event, where the most creative and charming “creations” compete.

A highly contested and wonderful opportunity for the creative minds and excitable children to have fun and win prizes.

The rules are simple, and the competition is always “imaginative”, hilarious and rewarding for all! Must have a hard hat and a pony – but anything else goes. Each year more outlandish costumes emerge from Horse Boxes across the showground!

Prizes & Awards

A host of prizes, awards and cherished cups.

There are silver cups or trophies for all 34 classes including prize money of course.

Rosettes are awarded from 1st to 6th place for most classes. And uniquely, there is a prize for the best parked horse box on the day. (Introduced following “imaginative” competitor parking performances in the past!!!)


Thanks to our amazing secretaries, contributors, help and organisers!

Little has changed since the Show’s inauguration in 1946 and it remains a wonderful opportunity for all children to try; to compete, to achieve, to learn and possibly win in a happy country atmosphere.

There is plenty of food and drink available from several vendors, including ice creams, beer and wine. There is a Raffle which all helps support other charities. Also in attendance is an excellent saddler for help, information, and those last minute equestrian emergencies. And of course a professional team of photographers, who expertly capture thrills, spills, humour and magical moments for competitors. As this is the shows 70th anniversary, there will be a display of memorabilia, old photographs and souvenirs to browse and purchase.

Above all, the day is run with one ambition. Everyone MUST enjoy themselves!